December update

December, twenty-seventeen.

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

Or so they say.

This season has been odd. Yes we got snow, as per usual. Then within a few weeks it pretty much all melted and we were left with brown/dead grass and trees. Winter hasn’t quite started yet, but most people would expect December to be snow filled. That didn’t happen this year though. I find it hard to get into the Christmas spirit when its twelve degrees outside and you’re able to walk around mid-afternoon in toms and capris. But whether I feel like it or not, Christmas is in less than ten days.

Since I haven’t been feeling too festive this year I haven’t yet gotten my shopping done. Well that and I have been busy with work etc. Usually I make fun of the people who last minute scramble to get things done days before Christmas.. this year that will be me!

On the bright side- this nice weather means not having to start your vehicle fifteen minutes before going anywhere. But I would much rather trade that for a white snowy December any day. There’s nothing like going outside during a nice calm snowfall with that fresh snow smell and that fresh snow crunch sound underneath your boots. But I guess the mild weather is a blessing. Merlot loves being able to go to the dog park in the sunshine; and it definitely gets me out of the house better than temperatures of negative twenty. It really is enjoyable to dress for autumn weather this late in the year. But with the good comes the bad.. so lets just say I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop. How does that saying go? In like a lion and out like a lamb? And vice versa.

Regardless of the weather this year is coming to an end. It’s very hard to believe that it’s almost twenty-eighteen when I feel like this year has just begun. Time really does fly these days and before we know it summer will be here again. But for now I’m going to try to enjoy this December. Christmas has always been my favourite holiday. I love the Christmas lights and the baking and the holiday cheer! Hopefully for now things can calm down enough to take it all in. Between working and trying to make all the family gatherings maybe things will slow down and I can take the time to enjoy the final days of this year.

And that concludes my short and sweet December update. The end.

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