Day by day

August. Twenty eighteen.

It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to do some writing and self reflection. So today I decided to take a look at my blog. I always like to re-read the drafts I’ve written and saved but never posted. Here is one I wrote in the beginning of summer:

“June. Twenty eighteen.

I feel like the days are flying by much faster than they usually do. My weeks are starting to flow together and at this point I’m barely able to remember what day of the week it is. I’ve been working a lot lately. Working two jobs starts to confuse the shit out of you. I feel like just yesterday was Tuesday… but apparently that was six days ago and a new week has already started.

Time is escaping me so much lately that I’m struggling to get things done. I’ve wanted to break out my paints and spend some time to myself doing something I love, but there’s never enough time in a day. My biggest struggle is trying to balance my work life with my personal life. It makes it especially hard when you work seven days a week… but I can’t seem to find a few hours to myself. I hardly make it around to see my friends or family and that’s the suckiest thing of all.

It’s true when they say when it rains it pours. Amidst this balancing act, my body seems to be taking a hit… waking up most days with a sniffle and a sore throat makes all of this so much more fun.

I guess the only thing getting me through this crazy tornado that I seem to be stuck in, is knowing it’s just temporary. This is just for right now. Sometimes you have to go through months of chaos to reach your goals. And that’s what I’m trying to keep focusing on. One day I’ll be able to have days to myself again, and I’ll get to breathe easy knowing that my hard work has paid off. But until then I’m going to take it one day at a time. I’m doing all of this for me, and for a better future.”

Reading this post made me so happy. Here I am only two months later and I’m still working two jobs and rarely have a day off, but routine has set in and it’s manageable. I feel like I can breathe easy knowing that it’s starting to pay off. Summers midway through and I survived all the chaotic things that were thrown my way. Don’t get me wrong, my life is still very busy and I sometimes I feel like it’s nonstop. But I made it.

This little reminder was just what I needed. To remember that at one point I didn’t think I’d be able to balance everything, but I did. And everything worked out. I’m happy and making life work as best as I can.

Here’s to the rest of summer! ☀️

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